DIY Fabric Keychains | Sizzix Post

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Hello dear friends !

My new post is live on blog and I'm sharing a couple of ideas for making keychains or bag accessories using fabric.

A couple of sneak peek pics here :-

Supplies from :-

Please head over to the Sizzix blog and let me know how you liked my idea. :)

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Blog Anniversary Clebration--Event 4--CRAFTY QUIZ

Monday, 22 August 2016

Hello and Welcome Friends ! 

Today I'm announcing the last event, Event 4 of my month-long blog celebrations- Crafty Quiz.

 You can view my previous events in the following links :-

2. Blog Challenge- Friendship Card Making Challenge(Open Uptil 31st August) (Please read and follow the rules before linking up your cards)

I'm was so happy to see so many emails pouring in for my Event 3- Scrambled ..Looks like you all enjoy such contests and fun games a lot. :) 
Just like the previous event- Event 3- Srcambled, this event too is time-bound and the earliest entry with the maximum correct answers will be the winner. 

How To Play :-

Below are 10 questions related to crafts, the earliest entry to send in the maximum correct answers will be the winner. Send me your answers at within 48 hours, that is, before 24nd August 2016, 10:00 A.M. IST., with the subject line as 'CRAFTY QUIZ'
One entry per person only.

What's the Prize? 

One of our favorite online craft stores- Lulupu, is generously sponsoring the prize for this event and the winner will recieve Rs. 1000 gift voucher to shop at

Lulupu-the craft lounge, an online craft store which was founded by Karuna Chauhan 4 years ago, has been catering to the needs of  the crafters in India by bringing in a huge array of imported craft brands at their doorstep. Known for their excellence in quality of the supplies and services, it has now become one of the most sought-after online craft stores here. You can view the shop here -

Thank you, dear Karuna, for your generous sponsorship. :)

I know you all must be very excited to play this by now. So, without further ado, let us start. Here we go :-


Who invented this form of quilled shape? (Picture below)
Question-1 reference Picture
Source- Google

Question-2 :-

Which popular craft brand was named after the founders' beloved pet(s) ?


Name the stamping technique applied in the picture below.(hint--it requires two kind of stamps)

Question-3 Reference picture
Source- Google


Name the background technique applied below.

Source:- Google


Garnet, Passion, Cranberry, Majestic Blue, Fern, Sunburst-- In which product line do you get to hear these words?

Question - 6:-

Guess this tool and what is it used for ?

Question-6 Reference picture

Source- Google


What's the name of  this beautiful art form?

Question 7 Reference picture
Source- Google


Which is the best stamping ink that can be used on non-porous surfaces?


Arrange the following craft brands in the order of their launch, starting from the earliest to the most recent  :--
A). Simon Says Stamp 
B). Bo Bunny 
C).Lawn Fawn 
D).Heartfelt creations
E). Faber Castell 


Who's the founder of  WPlus9 ?


Send in your answers to within 48 hours from now. I'll acknowledge all the mails later today or tomorrow. :)

All the best. Have fun !

Card and a Box Set | Sizzix Post

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Hi friends !!

It's mid-August already !!! Where is this month heading so fast ?!

It's Tuesday and I'm back with a new post at blog. Today. I shared a card and altered a pillow box with the help of the following  :- 

Sharing a sneak peek here :-

Would love to know how you liked my today's post. :)

Also, I'm so happy to see so many of my blogger friends and crafters  participate in my Blog Celebrations.  Uptil now, three events have been announced, if you missed seeing any of these, click on the respective links below:-

Event 4 coming soon. ;) I'm sure you'd enjoy this a lot.

Blog Anniversary Celebration--Event 3-- Contest--SCRAMBLED

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Hello everyone  !! 

As most of you might be aware that this month, I'm celebrating a few milestones on my blog, like, my blog's 3rd Anniversary, crossing 100-followers mark, crossing 50K pageviews and reaching 3K mark on my Facebook page. And how can celebrations be complete without some fun and interactive activities ! So, I've planned a few exciting events where you all can participate and stand a chance to win some amazing prizes ! First two events have been announced previously, in case you missed them, you can view the Blog Giveaway event HERE and a Card making Challenge post HERE.

Today, I'm announcing the 3rd event , which is a fun contest--- SCRAMBLED.


Below is a list of ten jumbled up names of popular craft brands, and you have to guess the correct answers and mail me at  , within 48 hours, that is, before 12th August 2016, 10:00 A.M. IST., with a subject line 'SCRAMBLED'.  The earliest entry with the maximum correct answers will be the winner.  One entry per person only. 
So, yeah, that means the earlier you send in your answers, more are your chances of winning.

 Excited ? ;) 

Oh, wait ! You haven't heard what's the prize yet. I'm sure the prize would increase your excitement multifold. ;)


One of our favorite craft brands, Mudra, has generously sponsored this contest.

Mudra is an Indian stamp company founded by Varshitha Nagarajan and although it was launched recently in March this year, the stamps by Mudra are already becoming a huge favorite amongst so many card makers and stampers here. The stamps are designed by the talented artists and bloggers, and are of excellent quality. They come up with new releases every month and you can find more details about all the released stamp sets on their official blog - 

Mudra is offering two gorgeous stamp sets- 

1. Floral Silhouette (6 by 4 inches)
2. Happy Girl (3 by 2 inches)

Isn't that great? Thank you, Varshitha, for your generous sponsorship. I wish I could participate too !! 

So, are you excited to play ?? Here we go ---

Guess the correct answers of the following  10 jumbled up craft brands :--          

1.        A  R  I  S  F  S  K

2..      P  S  L  B  N  S  E  D  I  E  L  R

3.     E  T  W  L  N  A  E

4.      Z  I  I  X  S   Z  

5.       R  Y  A  P  E  T  P  R  E

6.      F  I  E  C  R  K  R  A  T  A  S

7..      D  A  S O  M  E  P  N  S  T  U

8..       I  E  R  P  C  S  O  A U  I  P

9.        N  I  O  N  I  D  D  K A K A 

10.       E  A   G  R  R  N

That was easy, right ? :P

Send in your answers to within 48 hours from now. I'm waiting !! 

All the best ! ;)